Elite Veterinary Care Summer Launch Promotion


When summer arrives, so do puppies and kittens!

At Elite Veterinary Care Mobile, we want your precious new babies to be fully protected from preventable diseases.  It is essential that the appropriate vaccines be administered, starting at 6-8 weeks of age.  They need to be repeated two or three times, a month apart.  The schedule of administration needs to be correct in order for immunity to develop and persist for the first year of life.Adult dogs and cats, after the first year, will only need booster immunizations every 3 years.

Take advantage of our promotional offer:  2 free vaccines for new clients on the first visit.

Summer also brings an abundance of fleas to Southern California.   Fleas not only make you and your pets uncomfortable, they can also cause anemia (low red blood cell count) and dermatitis (itchy rashes).

Most of the flea products available without a prescription do not work! Fleas become resistant to any products that have been used for many years.   

As a first time client using our mobile veterinary service, you will receive 2 monthly doses of the most effective flea product currently available, at no charge.

Elyse Kent