Confused About Pet Insurance: Do I Need it?

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I recently adopted a young Pomeranian, Baron, from a Rescue Group at our clinic. Watching my healthy, playful pup reminded me of an incident that happened shortly after I adopted my last puppy, Cayenne. I did not have pet insurance at the time.

Cayenne was around five months old when she slipped off my bed and fractured her right tibia at the growth plate near her knee. I did not have the skills or equipment to perform the repair.  A board certified veterinary surgeon evaluated Cayenne’s x-rays and recommended that I have the fracture repaired with pins and wires. They also recommended a spay. The estimate for those two procedures was over $5000!  I didn’t have the means available to get the necessary procedures.  

As a veterinarian, I had not ever considered having pet insurance for my own pets! The surgeon allowed me to make payments. It took a year for me to off the bill.  I sure did regret that I did not have health insurance for Cayenne.

Which Pet Insurance Should I Purchase?

Many of my clients ask whether they should purchase pet insurance, and if so, which one? You can compare the best health insurance plans from a range of US pet insurance providers using the list below and by reading thousands of pet insurance reviews provided by pet parents like you.

Following is a list from a recent ranking of the 10 best pet insurance policies for 2019, according to Consumer Advocate website.   

  1. Healthypaws

  2. Petplan

  3. Petfirst


  5. Nationwide

  6. FIGO

  7. PetsBest

  8. Nationwide

  9. Trupanion

  10. 24hour Pet Watch

Please refer to for more details.

Should your pet need emergency veterinary care following an accident or require treatment for an illness or health problem, health insurance helps cover the cost of your vet bills so you can rest assured your pet can receive the best possible care.

With a growing range of insurance policies on the market, you can be sure to find the best plan to suit your needs and budget. Many providers now offer wellness plans to cover the cost of routine veterinary care as well as accident and illness coverage. Advanced treatment options are also available for conditions such as cancer so you and your pet can concentrate on living life to the fullest.

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

My poodle, Cayenne.

My poodle, Cayenne.

The cost will vary depending on what’s included in your policy. Your level of coverage, co-payment and deductible options, and the age and breed of your pet can all affect your monthly insurance premiums. It’s important to compare a range of insurers to find a policy which best suits your individual needs and budget. Keep in mind that most policies are geared toward young, healthy dogs and cats with no pre-existing health problems. They will likely be excluded from coverage. I urge you to get health insurance as soon as you get a new puppy or kitten.

Policies generally range from $25-$70 a month for dogs and $10-$25 a month for cats. All policies require that you pay the bill at the time of service and submit a claim form with diagnoses filled in by your veterinarian.  Be sure to retain a detailed invoice for all medical procedures to submit with your claim. In most cases, you will be reimbursed for 85-95% of covered procedures

More details for each policy are available at

Elyse Kent